MCE – Energy Storage Systems

The mce-ECO is a fully self-contained energy storage solution that can operate on its own or in combination with existing renewable energy systems. The system incorporates all electronics and controls required to effortlessly manage the flow of energy from all sources into the storage batteries and then out again as the energy demand changes.


For retrofitting of existing PV systems, the mce-ECO can be installed in AC configuration. The existing inverter is still used while the mce-ECO storage system is connected in parallel.

For new PV systems, we recommend connecting the mce-ECO in DC configuration. The DC strings are connected directly to the mce-ECO and the integrated  bi-directional inverter i is used both for the energy conversion from the batteries as well as from the solar modules.


Energy meter

Each ESS unit is supplied with a 3-phase energy meter to be fitted at the incoming grid connection point.  The energy meter provides information to the mce-ECO on the real-time power consumption of the household and its associated solar power system.  The energy meter calculates the net energy consumption of the household across all phases - even if 1 phase is in export while 2 phases are in import mode.  This allows the mce-ECO to make intelligent decisions regarding the charging or discharging of the storage batteries at any given time, regardless of the type of solar inverter installed.


The range of energy storage systems includes both single-phase and three-phase mce-Eco units in various dimensions, which are, of course, extensively tested and subsequently certified.

Quality and Safety

Due to our own high standards of quality all components are subject to extensive tests prior to their installation in MCE energy saving systems. Final assembly takes place in our cutting-edge plants in Germany and Australia where highest standards are maintained. As a result, our products are tested independently of CE-certification and comply with all applicable specific standards, not only for power inverters and battery chargers but also in terms of safety of electricals and batteries. 


Our MCE battery guarantee covers the mce-ECO series and is valid for a period of 10 years. Throughout that period, it ensures a nominal capacity of 80%.  Our MCE guarantee for electronics in devices of the mce-ECO series includes power inverters, battery chargers and controls, also with a 10-year validity. Any due maintenance and repair works are carried out at our German plant. 

Single Phase Units

The MCE range of small single-phase units  are perfect for smaller residential applications, on both 1-phase and 3-phase grid connections as the phase imbalance is generally within utility limits for single phase connections.  The use of the external energy meter allows the single phase ESS to still operate on a net zero import strategy, and can also provide emergency back-up power as long as the essential loads are connected to the same phase.

Three Phase Units

These systems are ideal for private and commercial use if the solar plant uses a three-phase power inverter or if equal loading of the phases is required. Power supply across all three phases in the event of a power failure is an additional advantage. 


All MCE equipment is certified according to the following standards: 

  • VDE-AR- N1405 /DVE-0126-1-1 /IEEE1547; SIC8980; NU38.3; EC; ECC, S4A777.2 A/S4777.3 /ICE62109-1 / EIC62109-2 /AS62040.1.1EN61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-3 / EN61000-6-2 / EN61000-6-3


Devices of the mce-ECO series are equipped with an RS485 communication access and a WiFi module for remote status monitoring of both ESS and battery. This facilitates direct monitoring as well as monitoring via WiFi networks and Smartphone or PC.  On connecting the mce-ECO system to the internet, operating data are automatically and regularly uploaded to the data portal for remote monitoring and the gathering of statistical information. The data portal grants owners, installers and MCE remote access to operating status, configuration settings, alarms and historic data. 

Key features of all models

The mce-ECO energy storage system is designed as a fully independent storage solution allowing the system to operate both independently as well as in combination with existing renewable energy generating systems. With sophisticated electronics and control, we ensure that the energy from all available resources is stored and returned according to the changing energy consumption.

  • single-phase or three-phase models for network connection
  • high capacity of Samsung lithium-ion batteries
  • intelligent and safety-focused battery management systems (BMS)  
  • proven reliability, long lifetime of battery cells 
  • 8.000 charging cycles
  • 10-year guarantee, minimum of 80 % remaining storage capacity
  • certified in accordance with CE, VDE, UL and AS standards
  • external three-phase energy meter to monitor net consumption 
  • compatible with all certified power inverters (including SMA)
  • integrated switch for emergency stand-by operation
  • online monitoring portal 

Contained within the housing of the mce-ECO are:

  • Bi-directional DC/AC inverter, and AC/DC battery charger
  • DC charge controller for battery charging directly from PV modules
  • Long life Lithium Ion battery bank
  • Battery management system
  • Energy measurement systems for both DC and AC sides
  • System controller to manage autonomous operation and safety features
  • RS485 data connection and WiFi module for interfacing with remote monitoring systems
  • Automatic transfer switch for isolating ESS from the grid during emergency operation
  • Separate AC connection to supply essential loads during back-up (off-grid) operation

Operating Programs

To meet with different requirements, the mce-ECO storage systems can be operated in re-set programs.

Export Enabled

Store excess solar power in the mce-ECO storage unit. Draw energy from the mce-ECO storage unit to avoid purchasing and importing power from the grid. Surplus solar power or stored energy can be exported to the grid.

Time of Use

In this mode the mce-ECO minimizes the consumption of energy from the public grid during periods when the tariff is high. Excess energy from the solar power system will be stored in the batteries, however the system will also allow charging of the batteries during periods when the electricity tariffs are low. This ensures that stored energy will be available in the batteries for household consumption during periods when the price of imported electricity is at its highest.

Export Disabled

Store excess solar power in the mce-ECO storage unit. Draw energy from the mce-ECO storage unit to avoid purchasing and importing power from the grid. Do not export energy to the grid even if batteries are full.

Back-Up Power Mode

In this mode the mce-ECO will maintain a high level of stored energy so that the batteries are always ready to supply essential household loads during a grid outage. The mce-ECO includes an automatic

grid isolation switch to isolate the ESS from the public grid during a grid outage. The ESS inverter will operate in off-grid mode to supply essential household loads using stored energy from the batteries.

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