Dependable Operation and Service of Solar Plants

Due to their construction, solar plants are frequently described as easy to maintain. To warrant continuous efficiency of entire plants, however, the fact that their modules are permanently exposed to weather conditions while providing lasting performance must never be ignored. A dependable maintenance service will ensure that minor defects such as leaking modules, contaminations or any trouble with mounting do not turn into major issues. 


Further key areas inspected by our service are connections of cable plugs and cable jackets to modules, power inverters and meters. At the same time we update any power inverter software to warrant optimal functionality. In the event of system component failures, they will be repaired as fast as possible or an immediate exchange will be provided to ensure  sustainable operation of your solar plant.

Our range of services, tailored to the needs of our customers, extends from small solar plants to professional solar parks. Feel free to contact us now to present your solar plant to us and let us know your needs.  After an on-site inspection we will jointly agree on suitable  services and their intervals. A decisive factor here is to ensure your solar plant operates to render best possible results. You may rely on us achieve this objective. 

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