Expert Installation Service for Solar Plants and Solar Parks

Our work focuses particularly on solar plants in terms of planning a wide range of designs and sizes,  assembly and support.  This is where the extensive know-how of our managerial staff meets, experts with many years of experience in design, technical implementation and management of major projects in the energy sector.  Interacting with our highly motivated specialized staff we guarantee smooth operations, from solar plants for private use to professional solar parks. 


Fast technological developments constantly open up opportunities to generate electricity from solar power with the help of top quality modules.  Our skilled installation service ensures dependable functioning of all components on-site.  As a result, we realized projects in 15 countries on all 5 continents, installing more than 25.000 solar plants with a production in excess of 80 MW. Our company equally operates its own solar plants with a performance of approximately 5 MW.  In other words, we know our business very well.

Please contact us direct if you are looking for a professional and experienced installation service for solar plants and solar parks.  Together we will discuss your plans in detail before a well-elaborated quote is submitted to you.  You may fully trust our first-class implementation. 



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